Masters 35-39 Age Grouping

01/01/2015 15:34


In 2013 Scottish Athletics decided to change road and cross-country events by dropping the 35-39 age group.  Although there was some consultation with clubs they did not contact SVHC at the time for our views.  This situation creates various anomalies such as being out of line with IAAF rules and 35-39 masters being able to compete in the BMAF Cross-Country Championships but not in the Scottish Masters.  However, they could compete on the same day this season in the indoor championships as these still include this age group.  It is also unhelpful to our International team as athletes in this age group cannot compete in their own national event.  Alastair Macfarlane and I met with two members of the Road and Cross-Country Commission last year and, leaving aside all the details of this meeting, it was made clear that Scottish Athletics would only reconsider this matter if it was shown that there was large support to reverse this decision.  As a starting point the views of members are sought and the committee can decide if it is worthwhile pursuing this matter.  You are therefore urged to make your opinion known either by emailing myself or posting a comment on our facebook page.  Unless there is a sizeable response it is unlikely much can be done to remedy this situation.

Campbell Joss




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