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With it being the turn of Scottish Veteran Harriers to host the annual British and Irish Masters Cross Country International this year the Local Organising Committee of Campbell Joss, Andy Law, John Bell, Ada Stewart and Alastair Macfarlane have been hard at work for well over a year putting things in place for what is in the eyes of many the major Masters event on the calendar. Everything from accommodation and competitor transport to the Saturday evening dinner and presentation and course building has to be organised and at times becomes almost a full time job.

However what will interest potential team members is the detail of how team selection will be organised this year. David Fairweather, Men’s Team Manager for many years, has stepped down from the post. And as we should all know it will take more than one man to fill Davie’s shoes! Alastair Macfarlane will take over the selection and running responsibilities involved while Andy Law will look after the finance and admin side of things, and Colin Feechan will provide team selection input. Ada Stewart will continue as Women’s Team Manager. This year we have decided to hold a trial race to assist in team selection. This will be held at Tollcross Park Glasgow over the course, and the distances, we propose to use for the International races and will be held on Saturday 17th September.  

In the Men’s 35, 40, 45 and 50 age groups the first three finishers in the trial race will be selected with the remaining runners being selected from known form over 5K and 10K races. Similarly in the Men’s 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 age groups as well as all Women’s age groups the first two finishers will be selected with the remaining runners selected using known form. It will be seen that it is not essential to run the trial race but many will see it as an opportunity to enhance their chances of selection. And of course it will be an ideal opportunity to try out the course in advance of the International.

Alastair Macfarlane

Ada Stewart                  


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