Masters 35 Age Group

Masters 35 Age Group

All clubs have been asked by SA to complete a survey about re-introducing a Masters 35 Age Group to the scottishathletics Masters Cross Country Championships. Each club has one vote in this survey. This is the information provided and the option is to vote Yes or No.

In 2013 the scottishathletics Road Running and Cross Country Commission consulted with affiliated athletics clubs around Masters 35 Age Category in all championship events. The IAAF first introduced this category in 2006, removed it in 2010 and then re instated it from 1st April 2012.
68% of clubs that responded to the 2013 survey voted for the Age Groups to revert to over 40 for both Male and Females on the day of competition.
Following this consultation the Road Running and Cross Country Commission discontinued Championships for Masters athletes aged 35-39.
However, with the increased numbers of Masters athletes competing at all levels and in all disciplines the Road Running and Cross Country Commission at the request of Scottish Veterans Harriers Club wish to review this decision and offer affiliated clubs the opportunity to re visit this subject for the Masters Cross Country Championships.
The results of this survey will be considered by the Road Running and Cross Country Commission for potential changes to Age categories at the National Masters Cross Country Championships only.

The question clubs have to reply to is:

Should scottishathletics introduce a 35-39 medal category within the existing Masters Cross Country Championships?

Has your club notified you of this survey, if not ask why not?

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